A Mazmumah Trait: Ananiah – Self-centeredness

  • Among the Mazmumah traits that we need to avoid is self- centeredness. This attribute causes a person to only think about his own interest without being sensitive of others. It can also mean someone who is fixated only on his own principles and opinions without considering the views of others.



  • To overcome this self-centeredness, we need to nurture in ourselves a strong sense of ‘ithar’ – or altruism. Altruism is when a person puts the needs of others above his own. In other words, an altruistic person is selfless and desires only good for other people.



  • This is the trait that should be embodied by every Muslim. Especially in these uncertain times. For example, in our personal expenditures, let us not buy excessively for our self-interest, until we deprive others who need it more than we do.