Understanding Surah al-Dhuha: Instilling Positive Thinking

  • The Qur'an acts as a main reference for the believers. The Qur’an has always been a guide for us in going through life that is filled with tests and challenges.
  • If we look into the seerah of the Prophet (s.a.w.), we will find a story on the revelation of this surah and how it happened in the beginning of Islam. At that time, the Prophet (s.a.w.) was feeling very sad and worried when he did not receive any revelation after so long.
  • In life, when we are challenged by difficulties and situations seem uncertain, we should reflect on this surah. It contains words of encouragement and guidance, to always look at the bigger picture. It reminds us not to limit our focus on this life alone but look ahead to our ultimate ending in the hereafter. And a good ending is for those who are patient and steadfast.