Islam Promotes Peace

  • Ramadan has just left us. Hopefully, it has left a positive impact on us. Fasting and doing good deeds throughout Ramadan has taught our hearts and souls to be better servants of Allah, filled with rahmah (mercy) and goodness.
  • We are now in the month of Syawal. The month where we do visiting, seeking forgiveness, and the month where we strengthen our ties with one another. Syawal further strengthens our souls, after the calmness of Ramadan. With a calm and tranquil heart, we are filled with joy when we meet our family and friends. And we do not feel arrogant in wanting to seek forgiveness from others.
  • These noble values are hard to instil in ourselves, unless we have a heart that is at peace. A heart that is at peace with Allah. A heart that filled with gratitude for all the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon one, and a heart that is patience in facing life’s tests. A heart that is at peace with others. A heart that is thankful for the good that others have shown to you, and a heart that is patient and forgives easily.