A Prosperous Community - Religiousity that is Based on Mercy(Rahmah)

  • As we are all aware, we will soon be ushering the blessed and awaited month of Ramadan. Allah s.w.t. has blessed us with various opportunities to do good deeds throughout Ramadan. Hence, let us grab any opportunity to increase our piety to Allah s.w.t. by showing mercy to others. Let us obey Allah’s commands with a sense of mercy or rahmah that also spreads love to others.
  • Rahmah brings about joy and pleasure. Every person yearns for mercy to help them get through the various challenges and obstacles in life. Without mercy, humankind will be miserable and will lose hope easily. If we refer to the Quran, there are many verses that prove that Allah s.w.t. has decreed upon Himself mercy to be granted upon all of His creations.