Islam Elevates The Status of Women

  • At this moment in time, it is necessary for us to pause and reflect upon the important teaching behind these verses. Take heed, fellow Muslims, that Allah (s.w.t.) commanded every believer to take these two women as role models. If we study the life of these two noble individuals, we will find that they possess remarkable traits and characteristics.



  • This is the teaching of Islam. A religion that allows both men and women the equal opportunity to attain a high rank in the sight of Allah. When the Prophet (s.a.w.) was sent by Allah, he abolished all forms of cruelty, injustice and suffering against women. Their status and dignity were glorified. So much so that he reminded his people to always be kind to women.



  • Here lies the importance of every believer to seek proper religious knowledge and understanding from a qualified teacher. This is to ensure that our religious understanding remains on the right path and safe from any misunderstanding.