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"ஹிக்மா" வின் இரண்டாவது தூண் ”ஹில்ம்” ஆகும்

There are many ways for us to gain Allah’s love. One of it is to adorn ourselves with the two traits; Al-Hilm and Al-Anah. Al-Hilm means being able to control one’s anger, even when one is able to retaliate. Al-Hilm also means one is able to always control one’s emotions and actions when faced with a frustrating situation. Al-Anah means not being hasty and being calm in doing things. The importance of Al-Hilm cannot be denied. Today, we see that many people resort to using harsh and rude words when expressing their opinions, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook. Realise that at times, our hurdle is not the lack of information or knowledge about the matter, but it is rather due to the lack of appropriateness and sensitivity in our method when advising someone of their mistake. Hence, appreciate hikmah and Al-Hilm in both our online and offline interactions.