Understanding Religion: The Right Knowledge Tradition

  • Indeed, the correct teachings of our religion are evident and clear. They do not have to be whispered about or taught in secrecy. This was how Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) taught his companions (r.a.) and followers. People knew about his teachings, because the way to Allah (s.w.t.) had been made known to everyone, not a secret that was kept between selected individuals.



  • The traditional scholastic approach includes verifying the religious information received, and seeking knowledge from qualified teachers. This is to ensure that those who are well versed in religious texts can explain the correct meaning of such texts.



  • The path to seek religious knowledge is a continuous journey. At times, it may consist of challenges and tribulations. However, a believer will continue to endure and strive throughout his life to become a better person than he used to be. He will strive to improve himself each day, even if it is deemed as a minor improvement.