Developing Good Relations with Others

  • If we reflect deeply upon the verses of Al-Quran, it will definitely inspire us to think. It will also move our hearts to ponder upon Allah’s greatness – how He creates everything with so much beauty and intricacy. However, many of us tend to overlook another aspect of diversity when interacting with others. We tend to forget that humans hold on to different beliefs and principles.
  • Our reading, or assessment, of our inter-faith and intra-faith interactions will greatly influence our reactions and behaviors. If we are guided and careful, then the community becomes stronger and united. But if we are filled with hatred, anger and emotions, we would lose the mercy in our hearts; and this is a great loss for the community.
  • That was a brief insight into our religion’s teachings on human relations. If what we see happening around us today differs from the religious guidance that we have been taught, then the one who is at fault is the doer and not Islam as a religion.