The Story of Prophet Zakariyya a.s.: Reliance on Allah s.w.t.

  • In our efforts to make du’a and seek Allah’s mercy, it is important for us to believe that Allah s.w.t. always listens to our laments and supplications.



  • When we make du’a to Allah s.w.t., there are times when our prayers are granted almost instantly. However, sometimes our prayers are not answered immediately but are postponed to a decreed time. There are also times when Allah s.w.t. replaces what we have asked for with other blessings of His that are better than our requests.



  • We should increase our efforts to look for whatever opportunities that are available. This might even require us to look for a different career path, or it might mean a chance for us to embark on a whole new experience. Most importantly, as long as one is alive, every believer must continue to strive, work hard and maintain their faith and confidence in Allah’s aid.