A Smart And Understanding Educator

  • Giving advice to one another is an important responsibility in Islam. And it is critical for every Muslim to dispense advice with hikmah (wisdom).
  • If that is the role of one who gives advice, what about the role of an educator? Surely the role and responsibility of a religious educator, or teacher, is different from one who simply gives advice and reminders. To teach about the religion, one not only need to have knowledge and accurate information, but also the ability and skill sets that will allow him or her to present the knowledge accurately, responsibly and with wisdom.
  • A learned and knowledgeable individual is able to ascertain truth from falsehood as well as accurate information from questionable ones. This is the role of religious education for every individual, and it is knowledge that will cause a person to be guided and not lost. Knowledge will help ensure our lives are moving in the right direction, not in chaos and confusion. The importance of religious knowledge mirrors the important role held by those who teach the religion to others