Treating Our Families With Affection

  • Sayyidatina Aisyah (r.a.) once mentioned that the Prophet (s.a.w.) never scolded his family or raised his voice at them – much less raised his hand to hurt them. Was the Prophet (s.a.w.) powerless and weak in character?



  • Subhanallah, absolutely not! His strength was not in brute force or violence. Rather, his strength was in his heart, his qualities, his morals, his tender and forgiving nature. These qualities earned him the love and respect from his family and companions. We must therefore strive to cultivate such qualities in our home.



  • Let us take some time to listen to one another. Our spouses and family members are not perfect; neither are we. This is where the fortitude of our hearts and strength of our character are truly tested. Let us be forgiving and patient with one another, just like how we would like others to forgive and be patient with us.