Fasting Disciplines the Soul

  • The command to fast was revealed to us for only one purpose - that is, to cultivate piety in ourselves. A piety that is complete and all-encompassing, and that considers all of our actions, whether these actions are outwardly visible, or actions that are only known to Allah (s.w.t.), such as having good intentions in all aspects of our daily life.
  • We should also learn from this act of worship to avoid excess and to take only what is required. For example, at the time of breaking the fast, avoid overindulgence and going overboard with the preparation of food, as this may lead to waste, and our religion dislikes wastage. Let us change not only in the month of Ramadan, but for us to make this month of Ramadan a madrasah, or a school, that teaches us to manage our desires, and to always pursue goodness.