Performing Zakat in the Spirit of Social Justice

  • The importance of zakat, which is the third pillar of Islam, is undeniable. With zakat, we are able to protect those who are less fortunate, the poor and the needy, as well as our religious institutions.



  • Zakat does not only nurture mercy and empathy in ourselves, but also gives us an understanding about the importance of justice and social balance. This is because zakat ensures that wealth and luxury are not only restricted to a small group in the community.



  • In Singapore, we are grateful that with the collection of zakat, we are able to preserve the welfare of our community. The collection of zakat provides a ray of hope to the needy and the poor as they are supported through the monthly cash disbursement. It also gives an opportunity to students who wish to continue their education. This is among the various initiatives that are carried out to help the asnaf.