This World Is Our Responsibility From Allah

  • The lives we are leading and the world we are living in have been entrusted to us by our Creator. Allah has entrusted us with these responsibilities because having created both the world and humankind, He has created us in the best of form. Therefore, Allah also knows the capabilities of humankind in carrying out the trust given to them.



  • In carrying out our responsibilities to protect and preserve the environment, we are essentially performing an act of worship and expressing our faith in Allah. What we want is for our future generations to inherit this world in the best of conditions. This is a sign of worship and faith in Allah.



  • Therefore, let us together carry out this responsibility as trustees of this earth. We should protect the environment from all kinds of harm. We should preserve the cycle of life, ensuring that our surroundings remain clean and bountiful. We should impart an environment that is better and more prosperous for future generations, so that they are able to live as thankful servants of Allah, and also as successors, in hopes that it will grant them well-being in this world and the hereafter.