Istiqamah - The Reflection Of A Muslim Identity

  • Life is full of challenges, whether it is in the form of an internal challenge - because we lack the motivation to strive for our goals - or it can come in the form of unexpected external challenges that can shake our confidence. No matter what sort of challenge we face, as Muslims, we must continue to hold firmly to tauhid, submit to Allah, continuously strive to do good and aspire to bring about positive changes to those around us. We are all aware that living in Singapore means living in a plural society, where there are people of different races and faiths. As Muslims, are we able to continuously protect and improve the racial and interfaith harmony, as well as the prosperity of our country which we have achieved several decades ago.
  • All of us are responsible, and we all have a role to play in ensuring that ties between the different faith and racial groups continue to prosper. By being confident of our own identity when interacting with people of other races and faiths, it will enable us to contribute and bring about constructive changes. As Muslims, we need to strive to make the earth flourish and prosper. We do this by using the nikmat that Allah has bestowed upon us to the best of our abilities in order to achieve fulfilling and meaningful developments in all aspects of life.
  • As Muslims, we shape these developments in accordance to the teachings and principles laid out in the Quran and the Sunnah, with a strong and confident identity, let us together take the steps to restore the status of Muslims in the eyes of the global community through meaningful contributions that can guide and shape the community.