The Virtues Of Patience

  • Sabr, or patience, is a virtuous characteristic that is strongly encouraged in Islam. It is a special trait given by Allah to humanity to face a life that is full of challenges and trials. At times, when we are facing a trial, we begin to question our ability to be patient and to what extent can we survive with patience and resilience. Know that you can endure and continue to be patient. According to Imam Al-Ghazali, every humankind has the ability to be patient, especially those who are among the believers.
  • The blessing of having patience from Allah s.w.t. has enabled us to grow and evolve from one civilisation to another. It is with patience that we continue to learn and undertake research, in order to improve the quality of life. From there, many branches of knowledge are discovered including those that were never thought of by the earlier generations, and the benefits will be reaped by future generations.
  • Hence, the Friday sermons in the coming weeks will discuss it in more detail and will include tips on how we can practice patience in our everyday lives. This includes being patient in seeking knowledge, and to clarify what we read from the Internet. Patience is also important in developing our resilience to tackle the issue of terrorism that is threatening our society today.