Being Accountable for Our Own Speech

  • The verse 18 in Surah Qaf urges every individual to be accountable for all the words that they utter. Consider this, my brothers and sisters: Everything we say, every word we utter, will be recorded by the angels. Our words will then bear witness for us, or against us in the Hereafter.
  • The rapid development of information technology has enabled every individual to have easy and ready access to information. All sorts of information are available online, including information related to an individual's personal life. Additionally, anyone can share their opinions online, and on various social media platforms. The internet gives freedom for its users to express his or her opinion without any limits.
  • Think first about the soundness and the potential impact of our opinion before speaking. Remember that our words have the power and effect to influence others. Therefore, my brothers and sisters, we must be sensitive and careful with the words we utter, so that we are not questioned in the Hereafter.