Aidiladha Sermon Sacrificial Attributes of The Believers

  • Every year, the arrival of Aidiladha will remind us on the meaning of sacrifice.  Beyond Aidiladha, I believe that we each of us has been performing our individual form of sacrifice, whether it in the form of monetary assistance, energy, time and even emotion. Be it for our individual selves, family, community, country or religion.

  • It has come to a point where we would sacrifice instinctively without contemplation. An example of such would be the current trend where our community would intuitively extend our aid in donations upon hearing news and calls for help in social media from individuals and communities who are facing hardships and difficulties. Some would even offer their personal time, energy and even their place of stay.

  • To sacrifice is one of the prophetic attributes that we have witnessed throughout their lives in their efforts to preach Islam. It is as mentioned by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. that the Prophets are among those whose lives will be tested most by Allah s.w.t.  They would sacrifice their emotions as well as their worldly comfort for Allah s.w.t. These aspects of the Prophets’ lives are then manifested in lives of Allah’s servants who are pious in their quest to achieve Allah’s pleasure.

  • Hence let us ask ourselves, what are the sacrificial attributes of the Prophets that we can best emulated in our individual sacrifice, with hopes of deriving Allah’s pleasure and His benefits?