Understanding Proactive Rahmah

  • The impulse to help is a natural instinct imbedded in humans.  As Muslims, we believe that all forms of good assistance will be recorded and rewarded in the hereafter. It is also a reflection of Allah s.w.t.’s ‘rahmah’ (compassion) towards His creations.

  • Nevertheless, the ‘rahmah’ that exists within each and every one of us can be enhanced even further. This is because the pinnacle of ‘rahmah’ will only become apparent when we begin to take initiatives to create opportunities for others to perform good deeds.

  • In other words, such an individual would not only wait for the opportunity to help, he will also strive to create that opportunity for others too.  This is what I would call ‘proactive rahmah’. Hence, the Khutbah would like to share several principles that will serve as guidelines to describe the features of ‘proactive rahmah’.