The Importance of Being Grateful When Facing Trials

  • For the past few weeks, we has been discussing the importance of being grateful for the blessings that we have enjoyed. When we mention the word “blessings” or nikmat we will think of happiness, ease, and life’s comforts. However, we realise that life is not one that is free of sadness, disappointments and trials. However, no matter what happens or whatever the situation one faces, a true believer (mukmin) will strive to remain positive.
  • When we are tested with trials, be thankful for it is a sign that Allah still loves us. As humankind, if we were to continuously enjoy wealth, comfort, and ease in our affairs, we will easily become complacent and forget the need to be close to Allah. Thus, at times Allah tests us. And it is through His tests that we will realise the need to return to Him, to prostrate in submission to Him, seeking His help.
  • For example, if Allah is currently testing us with family problems, then we should remember that the Prophets themselves faced challenges and problems with their families. Hence, if Allah is testing us, be assured that it is indeed a nikmat, and holds many amazing rewards because the prophets too were tested by Allah s.w.t. But that doesn’t mean that we just sit around and do nothing about it, we have to strive to find a solution.