Emulating the Prophet s.a.w.: Giving Words of Kindness

  • Indeed, my dear brothers, everything we say has an impact on the life of others. Through good words, we create a positive atmosphere and nurture someone’s character. We support each other towards collective goodness.



  • How good would it be if we could play a role in giving words of encouragement and support. If we notice that our friend is in need of support or expert advice, we should strive to help him by providing guidance and showing him a way out.



  • In these modern times, social media serves as a channel where every individual can express their thoughts. Thus, as a believer, one should always emulate the character of the Messenger (s.a.w.). Whether we are communicating in person or making comments online, ensure that what is conveyed is the truth and beneficial. Let us ensure that it gives hope and support to others, and not otherwise.