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இறைத்தூதர் முஹம்மது(ஸல்) அவர்கள் தனது "உம்மத்" (சமூக மக்கள்) மீது கொண்டிருந்த கிருபை

  • We are now in the month of Maulidur Rasul – the month of Rabiulawal. This is the birth month of a great man; a man who was very much loved by The Creator. He was a man of noble character, an example for all of humanity, and a man who was sent as a mercy to the entire universe. During this month of Maulid celebrations, many talks and lectures are being held. There are also events or majlis reciting selawat and zikrullah. All these events call upon us to remember the struggles of our beloved messenger, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. These educational events present opportunities for us to deepen our knowledge of the sunnah, character and hadith of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
  • And one of the more difficult sunnah for one to continuously uphold yet one that has a profound effect in our hearts, is how Rasulullah s.a.w. touched the hearts of humankind with his mercy, manners and how he treated others. All these come from a heart that is clear, free of envy and vengeful feelings, as well as a heart that is not hardened. And he portrayed this wherever he went. This is one reason why the message spread by Rasulullah s.a.w. was eventually accepted by many, and led to the spread of Islam. That is the mercy shown by Rasulullah s.a.w. who was “greedy for goodness”, rather than resorting to destruction. He could have chosen to punish them, yet he chose not to do so. Instead, he forgave them.
  • Let us all make the birth month of the Prophet not just a time for us to express our love for him, or remember his sunnah and hadith, but also as an opportunity to forgive and leave behind any hostile sentiments that we might harbour against anyone. This is the main essence of the sunnah.