Ramadan: A Month to Strengthen Our Faith

  • For the first time, we are celebrating Ramadan just by staying at our respective homes, as part of our role in containing the spread of this virus. For Ramadan this year, we do not have the luxury of congregating at the mosques as usual. We are also unable to break our fast together.



  • We feel sad, but we have been nurtured by our faith to be patient in accepting the decree of Allah, based on the phrase “La ilaha illallah” as our life principle. We cannot let our soul be drowned in weakness when facing any situation or trial. Instead, we are taught to always strive to think of the wisdom behind every trial, and to continue having good assumptions of Allah s.a.w.



  • Rather, we should continue searching for the many opportunities that Allah has prepared for us to gain His love. Ramadan this time is an opportunity for us to strive to perform our acts of worship with perfection.