Allah Is With Those Who Practise Ihsan

  • Ihsan means whatever good that a person does for others. Be it for other people or the animals, and even for one’s country or the environment.



  • To enliven the characteristic of ihsan is to show concern towards the condition of the society around us. We will also strive to remove any form of harm that can affect life in general. This form of ihsan does not only improve the quality of a person’s life, but it can also drive others around him to nurture the same kind of ihsan in themselves.



  • Since the spread of the pandemic in Singapore, we have witnessed different kinds of welfare efforts done by members of our community. They have remained united in striving to support one another, such as showing appreciation towards the noble work of our front liners, making adjustments in our daily lives, as well as in performing acts of worship. All these are for the benefit of the larger society.