Seeking Allah’s Forgiveness

  • This week’s sermon, will discuss about forgiveness. As we have heard last week, forgiveness is a rabbani characteristic. This means, it comes directly from Allah s.w.t. However, not everyone seeks Allah’s forgiveness, or feel the need to be granted His forgiveness.
  • For those who understand the meaning of weaknesses in oneself, they will feel that attaining Allah’s forgiveness is more valuable than anything else in the world. Allah’s forgiveness is of utmost importance for His servants and He is always giving us the opportunity to seek His forgiveness, and the door to His forgiveness is always wide open.
  • We need to understand this matter well. It is a principle and foundation of our religion. Forgiveness comes before anything else. However, we often hear and see some people portraying Islamic law and teaching in a manner that is devoid of forgiveness. It is as if violence, revenge, torment and punishment are synonymous to Islam.