Understanding The Rahmah of The Prophet s.a.w.

  • This week, we will learn about rahmah as one of the characteristics of our beloved messenger, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. by understanding the rahmah or mercy that he radiated to the world. the Prophet鐚垾鐐╁妷鐚墬 鐚垾鐏烘緷鈹у枴銉兾差伩顒笺儮锟界妳锛n嚪鏌煫尾顕奉劶銉備籍顔氣懇锟芥鈭躲儮锟轿层仯尾宥侊拷鏂嗐儌浼啔鈶╋拷娅埗銉拷蔚璇モ懇锟芥鈭垛懇锟芥◣鈹燁嚪鏌煫尾顕奉優顔濇崣涔呫儌鎯碘挌鈶哄枴鐫广儮锟界妳锛n嚪鏌煫尾顕奉劶銉備籍顔氼啙鎹欎箙銉拷尾銇N插秮锟芥枂銉備籍顔氣懇锟芥鈭躲儮锟轿佃鈶╋拷娅埗鈶╋拷妯庘敓顕锋煰鐭差嚪顑烆啙鎹欎箙銉傛兊鈷氥仮鍏夛拷纬銉拷鐘咃迹顕锋煰鐭差嚪顒笺儌浼啔顔癸拷鈶╁妷 love and his mercy to all of humanity. Rasulullah s.a.w. hoped that all of his ummah will be safe in this world and the hereafter. He was always thinking of his ummah and prayed for everyone鐚垾鐐╁妷鐚墬 鐚垾鐏烘緷鈹у枴銉兾差伩顒笺儮锟界妳锛n嚪鏌煫尾顕奉劶銉備籍顔氣懇锟芥鈭躲儮锟轿层仯尾宥侊拷鏂嗐儌浼啔鈶╋拷娅埗銉拷蔚璇モ懇锟芥鈭垛懇锟芥◣鈹燁嚪鏌煫尾顕奉優顔濇崣涔呫儌鎯碘挌鈶哄枴鐫广儮锟界妳锛n嚪鏌煫尾顕奉劶銉備籍顔氼啙鎹欎箙銉拷尾銇N插秮锟芥枂銉備籍顔氣懇锟芥鈭躲儮锟轿佃鈶╋拷娅埗鈶╋拷妯庘敓顕锋煰鐭差嚪顑烆啙鎹欎箙銉傛兊鈷氥仮鍏夛拷纬銉拷鐘咃迹顕锋煰鐭差嚪顒笺儌浼啔顔癸拷鈶╁妷 prosperity. His love, care and concern was for all of humanity. There are many evidences that show the merciful character of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and his love for others.
  • In his interactions with his wife and children, Rasulullah s.a.w. was merciful toward them by joking in a friendly manner, giving gentle advice and helping out his wife and children at home. If the Prophet s.a.w. who was extremely busy with many responsibilities was still able to help his wife with household duties. Let us reflect upon the noble and beautiful character of Rasulullah s.a.w. that attracted many to Islam. His face calms those who see it, his gentle and kind demeanour encourages others to emulate him. Such was his admirable conduct.
  • If we are able to appreciate and understand the noble and merciful akhlak of Rasulullah s.a.w., then our lives will be more beautiful for us as well as those around us. We are definitely nowhere close to the Prophet s.a.w. But we should be grateful to Allah s.w.t. for the blessing of being part of the ummah of Rasulullah s.a.w., hence we should strive to spread mercy as reflected by our beloved messenger.