Al-Anah as The Third Pillar of Hikmah

  • In our excitement to witness the outcome of our efforts, we sometimes rush through something. We need to realise that not all our goals and objectives can be achieved within a short period of time. It is impossible for us to pluck the fruits from the tree that we have just planted for a day. This is the cycle of life that has to be experienced by every human.
  • I would like to put forth three steps that we can apply in our lives that will help us to instil the character of al-Anah in ourselves. The first step is to always do something in stages or tadarruj. The second step is ensuring that the effort we want to undertake is proportionate to our abilities, and is within our means. The last step that we can consider is to cleverly balance between the benefits that we want to gain and the difficulties that will arise from our effort.
  • In our efforts to develop the traits of hikmah, Al-Hilm or politeness as well as Al-Anah or calmness, we need to be equipped with knowledge. Let us increase our efforts in reading and studying the many books, and make it a habit to read extensively. At the same time, seek guidance from trained and accredited teachers. May Allah s.w.t. make it easy for us to adorn ourselves with Al-Anah in our actions and speech. And hopefully by doing so, we are able to follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet s.a.w.