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இரக்க சிந்தனை கொள்வதும் பிறர் நலத்துக்கு முக்கியத்துவமளிப்பதும்

  • Mercy (rahmah) and empathy displayed by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. shows us that in Islam, it is important to care for others and be mindful of their needs, especially towards our own family. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. inspire us to always willing to help and support those in need. Even when we are in need of help. This trait is known as ‘Al-Ithar’; it inspires one to always sacrifice and to put others above one’s self.
  • This is the trait that differentiates the dwellers of Jannatul Firdaus from the other dwellers of paradise. By upholding Al-ithar and being generous, as well as loving Allah’s creations, it will naturally link us and bring us closer to The Almighty. Just look at the example of our beloved messenger, Rasulullah s.a.w. who has never rejected and turned away any requests. And if he was unable to fulfil it, he will strive to find those who can help.
  • This is the empathy sought by Islam. Empathy means we are able to feel the suffering of others. Empathy arises from being genuinely concerned and caring towards Allah’s creations. Empathy is founded on humility and respecting the views of others. Empathy inspires one to assist others and strives to improve the well-being of others. Empathy is a part of taqwa. It is part of sadaqah and is even a form of ibadah.