Preparation of the Hereafter and the Importance of a Pure Heart

  • Taqwa is not merely a verbal expression; it has to be proven through good deeds that are done sincerely for Allah. The same goes for our pledge that we recite at the beginning of every prayer.
  • Allah s.w.t. gives us a picture of the akhirah. The day of judgement. The day when position, wealth, fortune, and all the pleasures of life that we have attained will not bring us any benefit before God – except for the one who comes before Allah with a pure and sound heart.
  • Imam Al-Ghazali stated that if a person knows his heart, he will know his true self, and this will motivate and encourage him to know God. However, if a person does not know his own heart, then he will not identify himself, and this will lead him away from God.