Hoping Goodness for Everyone

  • Each of us certainly prays to be given goodness by Allah (s.w.t.) in our health, safety, well-being and career. However, have we made prayers for others as well? Have we asked Allah to grant them goodness just as how we have been asking Him to bless us with everything that is good?



  • How beautiful would it be if we could internalise and practise this noble deed in our daily lives. It would purify our soul and clear out the negative traits of malice, self-centredness and others. Praying for others would revive the spirit of concern and compassion among us.



  • Each of us is facing different challenges. Regardless of what we are going through, let us strengthen our relationship with Allah and our relationship with others. Increase our faith in Allah (s.w.t.) and nurture our sense of compassion and love for others by constantly praying for one another. Seize the opportunity to strengthen our existing relationships. Supporting one another becomes important as we face these challenging times.