Faith and Patience

  • Our faith will not increase merely through having good intentions and positive thinking. However, we can increase and strengthen our faith by putting in continuous effort to perform good deeds, as well as being resilient and patient in facing life’s challenges. The reality is that this life requires us to exercise patience. In fact, patience is required for all aspects of our lives. From religious matters as well as in going through our daily activities.


  • Even though we are required to stay strong and remain patient in facing life’s challenges, we cannot deny ourselves the need to express our sadness and relieve the pain we feel in our hearts. Should someone openly express their grief or pain, it is not a sign that the person is weak or has given up. Rather, that is their effort to remain strong while facing life’s challenges. Through expressing what they feel in their hearts, they will be able to receive feedback and advice that may be useful to guide them.


  • As we are constantly faced with uncertain situations, we must therefore remain patient and continue to think well of Allah (s.w.t.). There is certainly a silver lining in every difficulty that comes our way. If we need to share any of our problems or issues that we are facing, please do so with your family members or close friends. In that manner, may our burdens be eased, and we continue to feel positive.