Faith and Life

  • Everyone shall experience different phases of life. Life’s trials may come in various forms. Some will be tested with calamities and hardships. While others will be tested with a life of ease and comfort.


  • Faith provides us with the strength required to deal with life’s challenges. A believer will always hold tight to the rope of faith, especially during difficult and challenging times. When tested, a believer will not blame his fate. This is because he knows that tests from Allah do not mean that Allah (s.w.t.) hates him, because it is often the opposite. A person may be tested, even if he is someone whom Allah loves. He is tested as kaffarah (expiation) for his past sins.


  • We must remember that strengthening our faith requires effort. A believer, even one who already has faith, can become complacent and negligent. Or the heart can become corrupt from the sins we commit. In fact, it is typical for humans to forget.