Syukur: Utilising Our Blessings Responsibly

  • For the past few weeks we have been reminded of the importance of being grateful – it gives us the strength and resilience to carry on with our lives. Being grateful also ensures that we do not forget Allah, the Bestower of all these blessings or nikmat.
  • As we have previously discussed, true gratitude is when we use the blessings and gifts bestowed upon us to always be of service to Him, and to bring ourselves closer to Him. let us thus ponder carefully: to what extent have we used the blessings we are bestowed with for good causes, as compared to the blessings that we are still taking for granted.
  • However, do remember that just as how our time here in this world is numbered, the blessings Allah has given us are also not eternal. It is not too late for each and every one of us here to reflect upon our lives, take stock, plan and make changes to our lifestyle. This is to ensure that every nikmat that we have been given – whether it is the blessing of age, wealth, family, nature, health and peace in our country – will be fully and responsibly maximised.