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கீழ்படிந்து நடப்பதில் ”இஸ்திகாமத்” தாக இருக்கும் இதயம்

  • A person’s heart is the centre of all his good and bad deeds. When a person sins, his heart will start to reflect this darkness. If the person continues to drown himself in sins, then the darkness will not only partially cover his heart, but it is feared that it will move on to envelope and finally seal his heart in darkness. However, if he were to repent to Allah, then the darkness will dissipate and eventually disappear, as it is being replaced by the light of istighfar and zikrullah.
  • As a mukmin (believer), we are commanded to keep our bodies and clothes clean. At the same time, we are also commanded to keep our hearts clean and pure – and that is spiritual, or internal purity. In fact, spiritual purity is prime, and is the key to all forms of cleanliness. When the heart is pure, it will radiate light. With this light, our entire body will then be motivated to do good deeds and bring benefits to others. A good heart is one that is istiqamah (consistent) in obedience; a good heart is one that is adorned with iman and filled with love, and a good heart is one that is protected by Allah.
  • Let us grab the opportunity to cure the chronic diseases in our hearts. If we want to attain the level of an insan who is istiqamah and yearn for Allah to grant us istiqamah in our deeds, then let us begin from our hearts. How can istiqamah grow and blossom in our souls if we do not rid our heart of diseases, sins and mistakes. Let our hearts grow with zikrullah and the recitation of al-Quran; shower it with love, and sincerely seek Allah’s protection to shield our hearts from all sorts of evil and despicable traits. May Allah grant us with hearts that are istiqamah in obeying and serving Him.