Ethical Use of Technology

  • Amongst Allah’s greatest gifts to humankind is our intellect, our ability to think and create. This is the reason Allah appointed us as His vicegerents on earth, to use our intellect in managing the environment created by Him. In fact, one of the principles and objectives of the Syariah is to preserve and protect the intellect that Allah has bestowed upon us.



  • Technology is an important tool that we wield in our hands. We create it. We use it. But, how do we use it, and what do we use it for? Technology is both a test and an opportunity. It is only a tool and a form of instrument to acquire certain objectives and to achieve certain goals. It is at this juncture that our values and morals play an important role, as it will shape our objectives and goals.



  • We must therefore emphasise the importance of developing positive values and instilling good morals in ourselves. Even though there were no technology and advanced gadgets during the time of Rasulullah (s.a.w.), it is up to our intellect and creativity to extract lessons from prophetic traditions, to fulfil the needs of humanity during our time.