Contemplating the Name of Allah: Al-Wahhab

  • Allah is always willing to give. He sends down His mercy, forgiveness and blessings to whomever He wills. Nothing could possibly prevent Him from giving that which He intends to. In fact, He continues to give even when we make mistakes, commit sins, or fail to obey His commands.



  • There are times when we feel unworthy of receiving Allah’s favours and blessings because of the many sins we have committed. But Allah (s.w.t.) has never stopped giving and continues to grant us many of His favours and blessings. 



  • The many favours Allah (s.w.t.) has granted us should increase our sense of gratitude. Grateful that Allah (s.w.t.) always protects us and our well-being. Grateful that Allah (s.w.t.) will never allow us to suffer alone in hardships. And remember the promise of Allah that when we are grateful to Him, He will surely provide us with more of His gifts and mercy.