Iqra' A Valuable Command From God to Mankind

  • To be an educator, one has to comprehend the basis of the philosophy of “Iqra” – the first revelation from Allah to our beloved Messenger, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. the command to read, or Iqra’, was not meant solely for Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, but is also a continuous command to all humankind. This is because the essence of this noble command is the key to one’s happiness and success in this world and the hereafter.
  • It does not only mean “read”. The word has hidden meanings that can bring about positive effects to humankind. The command to read inspires every educator and teacher to continue to read, study, comprehend, explore its characteristics, and continue to pass it on.
  • Based on this spirit of iqra’, we have witnessed and continue to witness, the persistence of the ulama in their continuous efforts to seek knowledge. knowledge or ‘ilm is something that is noble and extremely valuable. It cannot be acquired through short cuts. Knowledge requires effort, diligence and a deep level of understanding. Hence as Muslims, we have to work hard to be a community that reads, thinks, and strive to dignify itself and develop future civilization for the benefit of future generations.