Achieving The Objective of Fasting

  • This is a holy month, a month of goodness, and a month of doing Al-Ma’ruf. Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for us to ensure that our ties with the community are maintained. This is what it means by achieving taqwa. Taqwa motivates us to find opportunities to do good, spread ihsan and help those who are in need. If we take a step back and reflect upon our acts of worship or ibadah throughout Ramadan, they are meant to develop our taqwa. We endure thirst and hunger in the day, so that we can try to develop empathy for those who are less fortunate than us.
  • The same goes for paying zakat fitrah in this month. Its aim is to ensure that we share our wealth with those who are in need. And let us ensure that we do not waste food and indulge in wastage in our spending – whether it is for breaking of our fast, or in our household spending. When we buy too much food, the excess ends up being thrown away. Yet, we all know that at this moment, there are thousands of refugees who are homeless, without a roof or decent shelter over their heads, no food to feed their hungry families and no clean clothes.
  • Grab the opportunity of this blessed month to strive to achieve that level of taqwa. Build our relationship and ihsan to Allah s.w.t. and at the same time, develop ihsan (compassion) for others. Make this Ramadan, the Ramadan where we change ourselves, shape our character and values. Let’s make this Ramadan a Ramadan that will have a positive impact on our lives; not one that leaves us without us having changed for the better. Rasulullah s.a.w. once reminded us that the biggest losers are those who left Ramadan with their sins unforgiven, and those who left Ramadan without having grabbed the merits of this month. Hopefully as we strive to gain the merits in this month, we are able to share its beauty with our family members, and at the same time, develop a harmonious and loving family that is obedient to Allah s.w.t.