Gaining Allah’s Love Through His Creations

  • The month of Ramadan is the month where the rewards of all good deeds are multiplied. We are encouraged to do any form of good deed and act, no matter how small. In fact, we are commanded to not only strengthen our relationship with Allah, but also our relationship with other people and creations of Allah.



  • Let us make full use of the remaining time we have this month to strengthen our relationship with Allah and continue to do good towards His creations. This is what we mean by gaining Allah’s love through His creations. May all these efforts provide us with the spiritual strength and resilience required to tide through life after Ramadan and beyond; that is a good life (hayātan tayyibatan) and a meaningful one.



  • Besides spending the final days of Ramadan on performing acts of worship and good deeds, and amidst of our preparations to welcome the month of Syawal, remember that the COVID-19 situation is far from over. As we know, the cases in the community are once again on the rise. This is a reminder for us that as long as the global situation remains unstable, we are still not immune to this pandemic.