Rahmah in the Last Ten Nights

  • We are already in the last ten nights of Ramadan. How time flies, and it feels as if it was just yesterday that we welcomed this blessed month. As the days pass by, we should hasten to grab the many opportunities to attain Allah’s forgiveness. If we have been neglecting the opportunities to perform acts of worship in this month, then let us increase our acts of worship in these last ten nights.
  • Among the hidden mercy in these last ten nights is the Night of Qadar or Lailatul Qadar. It is a night whereby the angels will pray for the forgiveness of those who diligently perform acts of worship throughout the night. It is a night of excellence, filled with unlimited showers of blessings.
  • Surely there are many of us that are looking forward to the Night of Qadar. However, how can we prepare ourselves for these last few nights of Ramadan, and in searching for this special night?