A Story of Faith: The Mother of Prophet Musa A.S.

  • These are the traits of a believer that we should all strive to develop in the face of hardship and adversity, instead of whining and blaming the circumstances. In fact, a true believer would find ways to overcome the challenge and have full trust in Allah s.w.t. to grant His help and assistance.



  • While we yearn to meet our parents and kiss their hands, we managed to partially fulfil those yearnings by seeking their forgiveness via a telephone call or online platforms. We did not stay home doing nothing and spend the time wallowing in sadness.



  • Be grateful for all the blessings that Allah s.w.t. had granted us along with this test, for Allah s.w.t. has answered our sincere prayers and supplications. Alhamdulillah, the circuit breaker measures will end soon, but this journey is not over yet. We still need to play our part in practising safety measures that are needed to contain this pandemic.