Being Balanced in Our Religious Life

  • One of the outstanding characteristics of Islamic teachings is the attention which it pays to taysir, which means ease. Islam was not sent to make our lives difficult or make us feel constrained. Rather, it came as a blessing for us, to bring benefit to humanity in this world and the hereafter. Allah s.w.t., in a number of verses in the Quran explains that Islam is an easy religion.
  • But what does it mean by ease? Ease in practising the religion does not mean making light of the rules of Allah, meaning one should not and cannot simply leave behind acts of worship. If there are people who hold on to these views, know that they are mistaken and need to be corrected. This is because we will be questioned by Allah in the hereafter regarding the obligatory acts of worship.
  • The correct understanding of how Islam brings about ease to mankind is that all forms of taklif (obligations) that Allah has commanded upon us are not meant to make our lives difficult, but are within our means and ability. For example, we are commanded to pray just five times a day. The Syariah ensures that the obligations upon us are well within our means and ability. Of course there are challenges, and it is undeniable that it is a burden because that is what is meant by taklif. However, it is still within a person’s ability to fulfil them with istiqamah (consistently).