Aidiladha Sermon 1441H - Strengthening Spirituality in Times of Crisis

  • Many of us had worried that, like Aidilfitri, mosques cannot hold Aidiladha prayers. But such is the gift and blessing from Allah. Thus, let us express our gratitude to Allah and continue with our noble efforts to support the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that our mosques remain safe and can continue to receive congregants.



  • Aidiladha reminds us of the meaning, value and results of sacrifice. Stories detailing the sacrifices of the prophets and their families teach us that every sacrifice and good deed done for the sake of Allah will not be forsaken. In fact, such sacrifices elevate our ranks and make us closer to Allah. The path of sacrifice is the path taken by the pious and the prophets.



  • We are also well aware that the situation today will get more challenging as many of us will be affected financially and in terms of employment. Thus, there will be groups of people who are in greater need of our help and support. Under these circumstances, we must continue to help one another. We must always be conscious and sensitive to the conditions of those around us.