Knowing One of Allah’s Name: Al-Latif

  • Indeed, Allah s.w.t. has bestowed upon us plenty of blessings and granted us many opportunities so that we can improve ourselves and become better. This is because, Allah s.w.t. truly wishes for us to return to Him. Not every transgression is requited with an immediate punishment; nor is sustenance instantly ceased because of a sin committed by a servant.



  • Such is the graciousness of Allah, al-Latif. Allah s.w.t. is gracious in showing His compassion, in the way He deals with us and also in the way He showers His mercy upon us all.



  • So, brothers, let us live our lives with complete faith in the graciousness of Allah, al-Latif. The One who is always protecting us from adversity and suffering. At the same time, Allah s.w.t. has also instructed us to be gracious servants – especially towards the people under our care.