Doing Justice Towards Allah’s Blessings

  • As we have discussed in last week’s sermon about the need to act justly, justice demands that we place something accordingly and to honour its rights. This week’s sermon about the need to doing justice towards Allah’s blessings. One of the biggest blessings from Allah which we may tend to overlook, is the blessing of natural resources, specifically water.
  • Perhaps we have forgotten the blessing of clean water because of the ease we have here in our country. Because of this ease, we tend to take for granted that water is such a huge gift from Allah not just to serve the basic necessities of life, but also for the purposes of worship such as making wudhu'. We hardly experience water rationing or the difficulty of having access to clean water for drinking. Remember that every drop of water is in fact a drop of life.
  • In line with Islam’s call to appreciate the blessing of having water, we should also strive to uphold the sunnah of Rasulullah s.a.w. by using water wisely and prudently. We need develop a deep appreciation of the blessings of water and start instilling good water-saving habits in ourselves, our children, other family members. Know that every effort that we undertake in trying to save water is an honourable act in the sight of Allah, and contributes towards efforts of sustaining the world.