Stories from the Quran: The Story of Prophet Musa Knowledge is the Key to Faith

  • The story of Prophet Musa (a.s) teaches us the importance of referring to those who are more knowledgeable than us regarding the particular field or sector. Indeed, it is our responsibility to keep going back to the subject matter experts. If the issue at hand is related to medicine, then we should speak to a medical professional. Similarly, when it comes to religious matters, we should direct our queries to certified Asatizah.
  • In this day and age where information is widely available and accessible to all, it is important that we become more critical about our sources of reference. This is because sometimes the information that we find online are neither credible, nor are they in line with the accepted understanding of our religion. In fact, there are individuals out there who use religion for their own benefit and to promote their personal interest or agenda.