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அல்லாஹ்வின் கருணை அனைத்து படைப்புகளையும் சூழ்ந்துள்ளது

  • Allah's Rahmah has many meanings. It includes Allah’s care that He showers upon us, His guidance and hidayah, His blessings so that one remains on the true path, rewards and Paradise. These will definitely inspire a servant to be grateful to Allah for the blessings and mercy showered upon him. With Allah’s endless mercy, even those who do not believe in Allah are not deprived of His blessings.
  • Among Allah's mercy and love to us is showering us with all the blessings of this life, without asking for a single cent as a repayment. If we were asked to pay, we would not be able to afford to do so. And among those who are deserve His mercy, are people who are filled with takwa, those who preserve the teachings of religion, spreading the universal values and principles of Islam, and always upholding good akhlak when interacting with other humankind.
  • As a sign of our gratitude to Allah for the peace He has bestowed our country with, we should strive to continue to uphold this peace and reject any extreme and rigid ideas that do not positively contribute to the harmonious interracial and interfaith fabric of our nation. A good Muslim understands that there is no conflict between being a strong believer and a good citizen. A Muslim’s identity is not limited to fulfiling and obeying the rules of Syara’ that are only outwardly in nature, or only focusing on individual rights. In fact, a good Muslim is also a good citizen who supports universal principles and values.