Achieving Enlightenment in Life Through Iman Taqwa Knowledge

  • God-consciousness (takwa) and faith (iman) are key elements that illuminate our hearts. They help us distinguish right from wrong, and nourish our souls with righteousness and compassion. They guide us towards peace and harmony, and make us better individuals who achieve success in this world and the hereafter. Takwa and faith equip us with the potential to purge negativity from our hearts, and replace hate with graciousness and compassion.

  • Such has been the advice and teachings of Islam, which emphasize on the presence of takwa in our hearts. We should therefore strive to uphold these teachings throughout our entire lives. Just as how a flower wilts if it is planted in a dry and barren land, such too would be the state of our takwa if it is planted in a heart that is shadowed with mischief and ignorance for religious knowledge. By adhering to religious knowledge that is in line with the teachings of the Quran and the values brought upon by the Prophet s.a.w., we will achieve a tranquil heart that is full of takwa. This is because, our understanding and practice of religion is influenced by the knowledge we acquire.