Remembering Ar-Raqib, The Observer

  • Reflecting upon Allah’s name, Ar-Raqib, evokes within us two things. The first is that it lends a believer motivation, strength, and perseverance despite the challenges he faces. He realises that Allah (s.w.t.) is watching over him at all times, and that there must be a wisdom behind everything that he goes through that might not be immediately comprehensible.
  • Secondly, getting to know Allah as The Observer should evoke in our hearts taqwa, or god-consciousness. How could it not, when we know He is watching us 24 hours a day?
  • However, the truth is that we often forget that Allah is watching us, and we act and speak as if He is not aware of our actions. There is no place in the universe where we can hide or conceal our deeds from Allah. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that we as believers instil in our hearts a sense of Muraqabatullah ­­– the awareness of Allah’s surveillance over every deed, be it public or private.