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இரக்கம் கொள்பவர்களின் பண்புகள்

  • Before we can feel the difficulties and burden shouldered by others, we need to first ensure that we do not make things difficult for others. Before we can help others, we need to first ensure that we are aware of the feelings of others.
  • As the ummah of the Prophet of Mercy, it is not our responsibility to punish and judge others in the affairs of the hereafter, what more to determine a person’s final destination. Rather, we should view them with rahmah or compassion. We can guide them, advise them, and we can supplicate for them, asking Allah to grant them guidance to the path that will earn His pleasure.
  • People of all races and faiths should be comfortable and at ease when interacting with Muslims, and this will lead to a sense of camaraderie, trust and confidence that Muslims bring peace and radiate blessings.